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FCSA Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that are frequently asked about FCSA soccer. If you have a question and you can't find the answer here please email us.

Q: Where does FCSA practice and play soccer?

A: All games and practices happen at the Brent Blacketor Memorial Sports Complex at 311 Blacketor Drive (just north of east 4th Street) in Rochester, IN.  In the spring, our 3rd-8th graders do travel to surrounding towns. 

Q: What are the age requirements to play Fulton County Soccer?

A: Boys and girls have to be at least 4 years old by January 1st to play in the Spring Soccer Season and the have to be at least 4 years old by June 1st to play in the Fall Soccer Season. Eighth grade is the upper limit for Fulton County Youth Soccer.  We do offer in the spring season intramural play for high school players and adults. 

Q: What age groups play soccer together?

A: Depending on the number of children registered for a season, Preschool and Kindergarten play together on coed teams. First and 2nd grade students play together on coed teams. In the spring season, 3rd & 4th grades play together, 5th & 6th grades play together, and 7th & 8th grades play together. In the fall season, 3rd, 4th, & 5th play on the same coed teams while 6th, 7th, & 8th play on coed teams.

Q: What do we need to play soccer?

A: After registering your soccer player you will only need to provide shin pads. Some of the younger players wear sneakers instead of soccer shoes. FCSA will provide each player a shirt and socks for games.

Q: What is the difference between baseball cleats and soccer shoes?

A: Soccer shoes do not have a "toe cleat". A toe cleat is a cleat in the center of the shoe at the toes. No one is allowed to play with a toe cleat. It is dangerous and can cause injury to an opposing player.

Q: How often do we practice?

A: Practice times and quantity is up to the individual coaches. However, it is normal to practice twice a week and then play one game a week.

Q: What about jewelry?

A: No jewelry (including pierced earrings) are allowed during practices and games. Contrary to some opinions, soccer is a contact sport and jewelry is considered a safety hazard for players and opponents. Pierced earrings can be dangerous in case someone is hit in the head with a ball or runs into another player. For your players health, please take off jewelry and take out pierced earrings before playing.

Q:  What is NCSA?

A:   NCSA stands for North Central Soccer Association.  You can visit their website here

Q:  How long are the games?

A:  Preschool/Kindergarten:  2-10 minute halves
      1st/2nd Grade:                  4- 8 minute quarters
      3rd/4th Grade:                  4-10 minute quarters
      5th/6th Grade:                  4-12 minute quarters
      7th/8th Grade:                  2-30 minutes halves
For NCSA variations, please click here.